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Who has the right to borrow, copy, cut, reproduce and remix what, under which circumstances and according to whom?

Preview: Volume 5 —Copyright and Creativity in the Digital Age

Copyright and Creativity in the Digital Age is the final digital film in the series. It explores the ways in which copyright affects the creative process of visual artists, musicians, and documentary filmmakers. The artists speak about the need for cultural commentary in documentary cinema and visual art as well as space for innovative music production in the current age of increasingly restrictive copyright laws. play |

Preview: Volume 3—Illegal Art

Features the traveling art exhibit Illegal Art: Freedom of Expression in the Corporate Age during an exhibition at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Hollywood, FL., curated by Carrie McLaren. play |

Preview: Volume 2—Outsider/Outside Her

A fair use experiment, utilizing original footage, audio narrative and found media, the short juxtaposes archival and contemporary television footage, original footage and audio commentary in the form of correspondence. play


Produced by Rebekah Farrugia and Jennifer A. Machiorlatti, Copyright, Culture (Remixed) is a series of volumes of short films that looks at the impact that increasingly restrictive copyright laws are having on fair use and the creation of culture.

The films underline the ways in which creativity is, and will continue to be hindered if the current, excessive intellectual property regime continues. The films are specifically concerned with the impact of copyright and intellectual property laws with respect to musicians, visual artists, and filmmakers, especially in regards to their ability to create in the digital age. Increasingly, with every copyright law reform, most recently the Digital Mibekhallennium Copyright Act (1998) the capabilities of digital technology are in direct conflict with current regulation. Stay tuned for more...