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Production Team

Producers: Rebekah Farrugia and Jennifer Machiorlatti

Producer, Director, Editor Rebekah Farrugia
Rebekah Farrugia received her doctorate from the Department of Communication at the University of Iowa in 2004. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Media Studies in the Department of Communication and Journalism at Oakland University in metro Detroit. Her research focuses on digital culture and the interconnections between gender, technology and popular music. Her work has been published in such journals as Canadian Woman Studies, Women’s Studies in Communication, Current Musicology and the Journal of Popular Music Studies, where she is currently an editorial board member.

Producer, Director, Camera Jennifer A. Machiorlatti
Jennifer A. Machiorlatti has screened documentary productions at the Big Muddy Film and Video Festival, Bettina Russell International Women’s Film Festival, the Dallas Video Festival, St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival and on the web at Her multimedia installation Outsider Outside/Her, produced with Rebekah Farrugia, was exhibited at the Glass Curtain Gallery in Chicago, Illinois (2005).
Machiorlatti has also exhibited the Wise Woman Wisdom Installation Project at the Ontario Institute for the Study of Education and MacKenzie Gallery (Windsor, Ontario). She teaches media and cultural studies, video/digital production, cinema studies and intercultural communication at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Her publications on women and media can be read in the South Atlantic Review, A Leadership Journal – Women in Leadership: Sharing the Vision, Ethnic Media in America and the Journal of Film and Video. Jennifer gardens organically, harvests seeds and is known to cast a fly into the Pere Marquette River now and then. She is a certified yoga instructor, ceremonialist and lodge keeper.

Assistant Editor Matt Dunstone
Editor/Associate Producer Matt Dunstone is a Michigan filmmaker currently freelance producing/directing Industrial videos in Detroit, MI.  A background from the University of Michigan's film/video program in 1995 somehow led Matt to the independent film industry in Austin, TX for five years of feature film experience including credits on /The Newton Boys, Office Space /and /The Rookie.  /Returning to hometown Kalamazoo in 2002 to complete screenplays with a writing partner, Matt soon founded Boiling Water Productions LLC to support the creation of a comedic 'docu-musical' called /Kalamazoo, River: US/ (

Production Assistant Natalia Berrios
Natalia Grace Berrios graduated from Western Michigan University in Spring 2006 with a double major in Communication (Film, Video, Media Studies) and Political Science. She has been awarded WMU academic scholarships in 2004 and 2005 as well as the WWMT Channel 3 Freedom of Broadcasting Scholarship. Social justice issues are the focus of Natalia’s media productions. Her recent documentary production project La Familia Berrios was the recipient of the College of Arts and Sciences Research and Creative Activities award as well as the Lee Honor’s College Research and Creative Activities Award. Ms. Berrios is currently a graduate student at Syracuse University.

Production Assistant Anna Gustafson
Biographical information pending

Production Assistant Sarah Lee
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